How To Use WhatsApp As Search Engine

this_is_how_you_can_use_whats_app_as_serach_engineThis is one of my favorite tutorial because this tutorial is related to Whatsapp. In this tutorial we are going to show you step by step procedure on How to use whats app as a search engine, Yes you heard it right, from now you can use Whats app as a search engine. Basically to do this tutorial we are going to use Whats App bot. Do tell us your queries in the comment box and we will get to you asap.

Things That You Need??

1. Android Device(with Active internet connection)
2. Whats App Messenger(Download)

So Lets Get Started…

Step 1: Add a Contact on your device according to the details below:

NAME: Sandwichbite
NUMBER: 8015984514


Step 2: Now Open Whats App Messenger and then Tap on the Three Dot Menu and then Tap on “NEW GROUP” and Now Add the Contact “Sandwichbite” on that group.


Step 3: Now Name The Group as Sandwichbite. I hope that you have successfully created the Group.


Step 4: Now Open the Group and then In the text part write”Search (topic)”. For example, I want to search “Android“, then I will write “Search Android“(without Double quotes).Voila, you did it.


I hope you liked our article, for more Tech Tutorial and News visit SandwichBite regularly.

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