Two Blast at China Tianjin 50 Dead

Two Blast at China Tianjin 50 Dead

Two Blast at China Tianjin 50 Dead

On 12 august, around 11:30 PM Wednesday Local Time, two massive explosions including a fire shocked China. The incident took place at an industrial area which is about 75 miles southeast of Beijing. The sites near the affected area were evacuated. At first 17 people were reported dead by a local newspaper. But the tally has risen to 50 Dead and 700+ Injured.

Two Blast at China Tianjin 50 Dead

Many teams of firefighters are on the place at the moment. But only a few of the teams are on the actual place of explosion, in case of a further explosion. The main priority of the authorities is to reduce the possibilities of more causalities.

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Two Blasts

The first news of Fire came around 10:50 PM. The first Explosion had a 2.3-degree magnitude which is equivalent to 3 Tons of TNT and another explosion followed by first just after 30 seconds carried 2.9 magnitude ( equivalent to 21 Tons of TNT).

Location and Reason

According to the Tianjin Public Security Bureau, The explosion happened at Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co. Ltd. This port handles the transport of Hazardous Goods. This explains the reason of explosion. But no official reports have been coming out which will explain the main reason behind this incident.

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