Top Performing HTC Mobiles in the market worth Buying

Top Performing HTC Mobiles. HTC is a name that needs no introduction. HTC has been performing brilliantly well in the Indian smartphone market with its state of the art phones and technology advanced enough to match some of the biggest names in the market. HTC has always provided smooth and untainted user experience and nails it every time when it comes to providing performance oriented phones. You can find a whole list of top performing HTC mobile with flipkart coupons to avail them at great prices.

Top Performing HTC Mobiles

Check out these brilliant HTC phones in the market which are definitely worth a buy:

HTC Desire 826

Top Performing HTC Mobiles

The HTC Desire 826 is a smashing phone with some really good specifications which will make you want to own one instantly. The phone comes with a beautiful 5.5 inch Full HD display which is extremely sharp in terms of visual output and color which makes this phone extremely attractive. The phone runs on a Quad Core 1.7GHz Processor along with a 2GB RAM for stunning and beautiful performance which will make you a fan. It offers not only 13MP primary camera but also a 13MP secondary camera which would make selfie lovers cheer. The phone has 16GB internal memory giving you ample space. As for other features, it has 4G support and dual SIM support with a 2600 mAh battery powering it for great performance. This surely is the most popular HTC phone in the market.


Top Performing HTC Mobiles

The HTC One ME is yet another enviable phone on the market which has been doing exceptionally well with brilliant service offering at jaw dropping prices. The phone offers a 5.2 inch Full HD extremely sharp display which will surely keep you hooked for hours. It runs on an Octa Core 2.2GHz Processor along with a 3G RAM for lag free performance you cannot get enough of. It has a 20MP primary camera and a 4 Ultra Pixel secondary camera that surely has camera lovers rejoicing giving beautiful shots with every click. It has finger print sensor technology, 4G support and 32GB internal memory along with Dual Sim all of it making it extremely brilliant. With a 2840 mAh battery, you can be guaranteed unstoppable performance.

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HTC One E9+

Top Performing HTC Mobiles

The HTC One E9+ is a another brilliant phone on the market which has some really amazing features making it one of the best Dual Sim HTC phones in the market. The phone offers a 5.5 inch Full HD display for amazing viewing as well as playing games with high graphics with extreme ease. It runs on an Octa Core 2GHz Processor along with a 3GB RAM for great multitasking and the ability to run heavy apps without a lag. It offers a 20MP primary camera and a 13MP secondary camera making it a powerful photography tool you’ll fall in love with. With a 32GB RAM and a 4G speed support and a 2800 mAh battery, you get performance which is top class. Make use of stunning amazon coupons to get great prices for this purchase.

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HTC Desire 820S

Top Performing HTC Mobiles

The HTC Desire 820S is on the mediocre side of the budget spectrum making it a good affordable phone with amazing specifications. The phone has a 5.5inch HD display with Gorilla Glass protection for brilliant viewing experience making every task come to life. It runs on an Octa Core 1.7GHz Processor along with a 2GB RAM for stunning speed and high end multitasking. It supports a 13MPprimary camera and an 8MP secondary camera taking care of photography requirements with stunning photos everytime. The phone supports a 16GB internal memory along with 4G support and Dual Sim which surely adds further functionality. With a 2600 mAh battery, you’re promised long lasting speed and performance.

So these are Top Performing HTC Mobiles. Be sure to invest in these top performing HTC mobiles which have surely taken the market by storm.

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