Top 3 Best Apps For Listening Music in Android

Well, If we are talking about Android then I don’t think so that I have to give Explanation about Android.As Android devices are used by Billions of peoples in the world.Day by day their users are increasing.Moreover, There are Millions of applications which are designed for Android devices only and Today we are going to Discuss the same.In this article, We are going to Post about the Best Apps For Listening Music in Android.

Best Apps For Listening Music on android devices

Most of you guys are already using several of applications or many of them are still using default Music applications.Well, Yeah You are maybe thinking why should we not use default music applications to play our songs? in this case, I Will answer Yes Because there is no negative effect by using default applications For listening Music in Android But if you want to enhance your Listening Experience Then you must try below Listed Best applications for listening music.

Best Apps For Listening Music on Android Devices

So, here we are going to List 3 Best apps for listening Music on Android.Well, We can also call it the Best Music apps Too.

  • Spotify¬†
  • Soundcloud
  • Google Play Music

#1. Spotify Music App

SpotifyBest Apps For Listening Music on android devices is the best application for Listening Music on Android.I am using Spotify premium app From last 4 Months and Yeah It’s Great.I Realized after using it.Moreover, It’s Best application if you ever get Bored Because 4 Million Songs are listed there for listening and that’s why We have listed 1st in Our list of Best Music apps.Spotify Is coming in 2 versions in Which One is Free and the another one is paid.Choose Whichever Suits you.

You can download Spotify Free Version From Here.

#2. SoundCloud

Best Apps For Listening Music on android devices

Soundcloud is another application which is considered as Best apps for listening music on android.Well, Soundcloud is totally not liked the other applications.It is not showing only popular music ones.even an Artist can upload his music on Soundcloud.There are other features too Like you can See podcasts, Shows Etc.Well, Soundcloud is working fine With free version But if you want more features, then You Can also give a try to its paid version.

You can Download Soundcloud Free version From Here.

#3. Google Play Music

Best Apps For Listening Music on android devicesGoogle Play Music The best application Which is given by Google For Listening Music on Android devices.Well, Google play music comes in Two Variant one is free and the another one is paid.In Free version of Google play music, you can connect your google music apps with Cloud storage and Can upload 50000 Own songs to it.One the other side I mean in paid version, You are getting much more Exciting Features on it.


You can Download Google Play Music free version from here.

Final Words

So, This was our article which is related to Best apps for listening music on Android.We must say the above-listed applications are worth to use.As we have already tried these applications and Thought to share with you all.You may also Call it best Music apps Because all above listed applications are available in both variant Free & paid.Hope You guys liked it.At Last, Thanks for Reading our article keep visiting for more.

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