Top 10 Useful Command Prompt Tricks For PC

Short Bite : – Today we have shared Top 10 Useful Command Prompt Tricks For PC so just go through all the tricks shared and enjoy.

There are so many tricks for your PC which are useful. CMD is an operating system which is very comfortable and powerful operating system. So friends today I am going to share Top 10  useful command prompt tricks and hack codes for window 7,8,8.1,10. Command prompt has a huge number of tricks, but all the tricks of command prompt are not useful and easy to learn so we have shared only  Useful Command Prompt Tricks.





Useful Command Prompt Tricks

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1.Open Command Prompt in a folder

The normal method to open command prompt is very long this is the way to go on start button>accesories>command prompt.And the second way to open command prompt is holding window button and press R this will open run command then you have to type CMD and press enter.



But the easiest way to open  command prompt is by holding the shift button and pressing right click on a folder and then clicking on open command window here.


2.Enable quick edit for easy copy-paste

In  command prompt  copy-paste by using  shortcut keys  is  not possible but command prompt has a special function called quick edit mode, by this mode you can easily copy and paste text by a single click. To enable quick edit mode , right click on CMD and then go to properties, Tick the quick edit mode button and then click on ok. Now you can paste any text by right clicking on cmd.



3.Run command prompt as Admin

Many commands require you to open  command prompt as admin.But there is an easy way to open it you can simply press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open it as admin.


4.See command history

there is two easy way to see command history one is you can press F7 to see it.







And the other way is you can type the command doskey/history to see it.


5.Change command prompt looks





Many of the person getting bored to see the cmd black look. So friends you can easily change the colour of cmd window.Right-click on the title bar of cmd and go to properties>colour. You can change the colour of cmd window easily.


6.Copy commands output to clipboard directly


Sometimes one might want to copy the output from a command to a clipboard.To store a command output to a clipboard add the command | clip at the end of the command. For e.g. Dir /p | clip.


7.Drag and drop files to change path

if you have already in command prompt, and you want to copy the text of path to another folder or file to run the file and change the working directory, You can easily Drag and Drop or the folder on the command prompt.
The path of the dropped file or folder is shown in quotes.
8.Run command simultaneously
You can put && between two commands and execute them one after another. The command on the left will execute first followed by the command on the right of the double ampersand.

9.Get help for command


When we want to know about any command but we have not any tutor for the guide to teaching you.So don’t take tension cmd have an ability to help us to know about command. Type any command with /? and press enter. If the command is valid cmd opens the information about the command.


10.Watch the movie STAR WARS in ASCII

Useful Command Prompt Tricks


who are diehard fans of Star Wars, you can actually watch the Star Wars Episode IV movie in the command prompt? Though it would be in ASCII, it will be fun. To start the movie, open command prompt, type in telnet and press enter.


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