How To Hack WPS WIFI Network With Mobile

Short Bite :– Today i will show you How To Test WPS Wi-Fi Security By Hacking It with mobile.

We all want our WiFi to be safe and secure from everyone but anyone with Internet connection can easily learn how to crack your WiFi. So if you are one of those worried WiFi owners then my dear friends this post is for you. So Today, am gonna teach you how to Test WPS Wi-Fi Security By Hacking it With Mobile”.This is a simple method and it will not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

So Without wasting time let`s start the process to Test WPS Wi-Fi Security.

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Before Proceeding To The Steps  Make sure your phone  meets all the requirements below:-

  • Your Phone Should be rooted.
  • Your Phone should be charged at least upto 50%.
  • Signal of the Wi-Fi whose security you`re going to check must be strong.

Steps To Test WPS Wi-Fi Security


  •  Open Google Play Store And Search For WPS Connect and download it or directly download it by clicking HERE.
  • After downloading WPS Connect install it.
  •  After installing the app, Go to Wi-Fi settings and then turn on the Wi-Fi.
  •  Open WPS Connect and then Click On Scan Button.
  •  After the scanning process is completed and you can see many list of Wi-Fi Connections available.
    Test WPS Wi-FI
  • If you find any Wi-Fi network which has WPS security enabled just tap the connect option and you will be connected to that Wi-Fi without giving any type of password.
  • All done now if this process is successful then your Wi-Fi is at danger and you need to change  Wi-Fi type from WPS to WPA -2 to prevent any attack.

Note :- This article ” Test WPS Wi-Fi Security” is for educational purpose only, The authors will not be held responsible in the event of any criminal charges  brought by any individuals misusing this information.


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