How To Access Websites Without Internet Connection On Android Device

First of all Welcome everyone to Sandwichbite. Today we  are going to discuss About How to access websites without Internet connection using your Android Device. Yes, you Heard it right accessing websites without any internet connection.

Basically, we are going to use an Android app that will download the web pages of your choice and after that, you can browse the content even if you don’t have the internet connection. The tutorial is very easy anyone who has a basic Android knowledge can do this trick easily. Do ask your queries in the comment box and we will try to solve it asap.

Things you Need??

1. Android Device
2. Offline Browser apk(Download)

So Let’s Get Started….

Step 1: Download, Install, and Open “Offline Browser“.


Step 2: Now tap on the Plus Symbol and then just simply enter the link that you want to Download and the Title.


Step 3: Now Tap on “DOWNLOAD” button. Have patience it will take some time to download the Webpage


Step 4: Now to Check whether it is Working or not, Just simply turn Off your Mobile Data or Wifi and then hit back button Until you get the Homepage of the app and after landing to the Home page of the app you will get to see that your web page has been Saved. Just simply tap on the saved Web Page, Voila you did it.


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