Protect Your Email Account From Hackers

Email is considered as our online identity and through it, we do a lot of tasks including many sensitive things also. Imagine if someone gets the door open to access your email account, what will happen? That unknown man can not only take your account data away but also can change your social profiles’ settings and can do a lot more things to bring down your online image and the social impression that you have built for a long time. This happens when your email account gets hacked. People around the world have been working to find out the ways to protect our Email account from the hackers.

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protect email account from being hacked

How to Protect Your Email Account From hackers

There are some primary ways to prevent hackers on their way. If we become a little alert and maintain the below-mentioned precautions we can be safe to an extent. Let’s find out the simple ways to be safe online. The best part of these things that these all come at almost free of cost. It does not matter whether you are using your PC, Android or iPhone. But tweak to be noted that Apple announced that they have developed a new security bridge for upcoming devices, you may get that in iPhone 8 or iPad Air 3 soon.

Set a Strong Password 

The first and foremost thing we need to do is- set a strong password. The password should not be anything related to your birthday, marriage date or anything that special in your life. Avoid use of names also. Rather you can use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letter, number and special character. Don’t use the same for your internet banking. Make an individual pattern to remember the passwords.

how to Set a strong password

Use Double Verification with Mobile- Two Factor Authentication 

Use this trick to save your account from being snatched easily. If you activate mobile verification, you will receive a 4 digit code every time you sync into account. You can access the account after putting the digit on verification window.  This may slow down the process and make it  a little bit lengthy, but your account will be safe and sound.

Don’t Click on the Suspicious link- Recognize Phishing Attempt  

Hackers may target you with a phishing attack. If you receive any mail from an unknown sender with some links offering something lucrative, don’t click on those. You may end up with losing your crucial account data. Remember one thing- Mail is for your personal and professional use, don’t entertain anything else here. Keep unsubscribing the promotional emails in regular interval.

Set a Recovery Email Account

Always set a recovery mail account in urgency you have to recover the email in which you are unable to sync. This way you can get your account back easily.

Check Last Activity Time

Always check last activity time of your account. This is you can scan whether there was any attempt to steal your data or not. If you notice anything suspicious here, change primary or recovery mail address and active two-factor authentication as soon as possible.

These are the primary things we need to do in order to protect our Email account from hackers and malware attack. Keep yourself in touch with us for more info related to hacking.

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