Masked – Startup That Saves You from Fashion Disaster

As we know, Team SandwichBite is looking for the best Startups in India that helps not only the ordinary people but also changes their lifestyle. So today, I bring you is a simple but an effective idea to modify the fashion sense in everyone’s mind. With Masked, you’ll discover great clothes that are perfect for you without ever having to go shopping. They combine top brands, expert service, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a highly personalized experience that helps you look your best.


I will not go into the details. But fortunately i did had a talk with the CEO of Masked, Mr Ramanand. I asked few point to point question and he gave me a summarized Answer. Here’s what he has to say about Masked –

Firstly, I would like to introduce Masked, is a startup which let’s everyone to be fashion conscious. With masked people can have their personal stylist. They can talk to professionals about their dressing style, which clothes to buy, current trends in fashions, etc.

So you all must be thinking who are the brain child behind this startup.

Well, the founding team includes four persons as of now. The CEO and founder of this startup are Mr.Ramanad Boddu, and other co-founders are Sai Ram – B.Tech – (COO), Sunny – B.Arch,  Sai Nath – B.Tech. Now you all know who are the geniuses working on this startup. All the co-founders study in the same college and this where they came up with the idea of having a personal stylist over WhatsApp and emails. Cool,  isn’t it?

Currently, Masked enjoys a kind of monopoly in the market since there are almost no startups in our service area. And even if there’s some competition in the future we are very certain about our expertise and don’t forget we also have the beginner’s luck 😉 Masked has not received any funding from venture capital or PE firms or for that matter even angel investors. But we are currently looking for some funding to upgrade our technology and our reach.

Our company’s mission and vision are very clear. We want every Indian to have a personal stylist they can approach to. We want to change the way people shop.

We are very sure that we would be able to achieve the above statement with the help of our unmatched expertise and high-end technology.

I think you got the whole idea. It’s great, isn’t it? So what’s holding you? Visit now and change your fashion avatar once in for all. If you have any query regarding this or, have a great startup? Comment below or mail us.

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