How To Increase Your Internet Browsing Speed upto 500 Mbps


Slow internet connection is very annoying and the most annoying part is when you are watching your favourite video on youtube and after some seconds it starts buffering. So if you are also facing the same problem then let me tell you that we have a Solution by which you can increase your browsing Speed up to 500 Mbps. The only limitation of this trick is you cannot download anything but you can browse unlimited, watch youtube videos at a High-Speed of 500 Mbps.
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What Do you Need??

1.Laptop/PC(with active internet connection)
2. Little Bit patience
First Step: Open your Web browser(i would recommend you to use Chrome) and then Open



Second Step: Now Click On Sign Up and then Fill up the details and Click on Sign Up. If you Don’t want to fill up the Form you can also sign Up using Facebook.




Third Step: Hope You have successfully Registered on and Now Click on Messages only and then Choose “Decide What to Watch”.




Fourth Step: Enter your desired URL and hit enter and After Entering the URL you will able to see a remote desktop browser appear on your browser screen, Voila, you Did it Now you can Enjoy High-Speed Internet on your Existing connection.








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