How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

Facebook is  most popular  and loved Social Networking Site. It helps  people to Connect all over the world. We can chat with our friends, do video calling, make groups and share files with our friends on facebook. Besides all this, we can also play games on Facebook but to make games popular some game developers force the users to invite their friends in order to pass one level due to which most of us get frustrated to see game request most of which are of `Candy Crush.`  but  some people are there  who don’t want to play games or don`t like such invites from friends. So if you are one of them and want to know ‘How To Block Game Requests On Facebook’ then you are on right place. So  today I write this article to explain to you how to block game requests.

How To Block  Game Requests On Facebook

So . here I will explain to you two methods of ‘Blocking Game Request On FB’ and both methods are very easy. You can try any two methods and you will be able to Block all Game Request On Facebook.

Method #1

  • First of all login to your facebook account and then go to settings.

  • In The Settings, You Will See On The Left Side Blocking Options Click On It.
  • In the blocking page, you will see many sections like blocking users, app invites , etc. we have to go for blocking app invites.
  • In this option you can block the peoples from sending you game invites, you just have to put their name and you will never get a single game or app invite from them.
  • Otherwise, if you are getting the same request from multiple users then you should choose Block Apps option.


Method #2

  • Open Facebook Games Center
  • There is  Activity section on the top side near to find games click on it.
  • You will be able to see all the game request you have got.
  • Either choose cross “X” to remove or “Ignore All” option from the Game Request.

Final Words

After Writing this post, i feel that this may have helped thousands of Facebook users. At last I want to give thanks to my gentle readers for reading this and if you face and confusion in this post you can clear it by posting a comment below 🙂 and  I shall try to reply as soon as possible.


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