How To Access Blocked Websites In College And Offices

When you are in Office and College many websites are blocked by the administration for the sake of security and safety. But, here I tell you How can you bypass the security and open blocked websites
.In this post, we tell you 3 methods to access blocked websites in computer and Laptop.


Access Blocked Websites



Now, I am going to tell you some steps and methods which you have to follow to access blocked websites.

Method 1:

Changing the URL
1)Example if want to browse
2)So now to browse the Site And you have to change HTTP:// to https://
3) Like this https://
If this method doesn’t work then Skip to Second.

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Method 2:

Method 2:
Using proxy Servers
Here are the list of proxy Servers. etc.
Go to any site.
Enter the website link in URL box that you want to surf.

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Method 3:
Using VPN.
VPN Stands for Virtual private Network they are many free VPN.
1) Search for best and free VPN in google search engine.
2) Choose a VPN Trial or Buy it.
3) Download it and install in PC.
4) Just enter the sites that you want to surf.

Try proXPN this is totally free VPN for android and windows.

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Final Words:-
After writing this post, i feel that I have helped many users who are unable to access blocked websites in their office, school or college. As this post helped you many more posts like this are there on our website you can check the old posts and they will surely help you.




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