How To Hack Any Android Device


Hacking Android nowadays, is not something which is the exclusive domain of the experts, With Some knowledge and some practice you can also Hack Any Android device. Did you know that Hacking Android is one of the most searched topics on Internet?. In this Article, I am Going to show that How to Hack Any Android Device.

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Advantage Of This Hack??

1. You can Hack File manager
2. Call Records
3. SMS Records
4. Browser History
5. App manager
6. can see his/her GPS location
7. Send Toast Message
8. Can remotely take pictures and listen to Victims voice and Lots More

What Do You Need??

1. Laptop/PC(with Active internet connection and Windows 7 or Above)
2. Droid Jack (Download)
3. Little bit Patience

Step 1: Extract the Droid jack.rar file, Open the extracted folder and then double click on Droid Jack.Jar file. After That you will able to See a Login Screen With username and password, Don’t do anything just simply Click on the Lock Symbol.



Step 2: I hope that you have successfully launched Droid Jack, After that Click on Generate Apk Tab and then write any name in the app name and File name part, in Port number write “1998” and also select “Stealth Mode”.



Step 3: For Dynamic DNS go to and then go to Sign Up and then Register yourself on no-ip.



Step 4: Now Go this Link  and click on Add Hostname and then write the desired host name you want and then click on Add Host Name. now Copy the whole Hostname. in my case, it is “”. Now Open Droid jack and then paste it in Dynamic DNS part and then click on generate. it will take some time to generate the apk.




Step 5: Now Open the folder where you had extracted Droid Jack and you will get to see an apk file generated. Just install the Apk file in victim’s phone and the best thing is due to stealth mode whenever victim will open the app it will get invisible.


Step 6: Now Go to this Link  and download DUC and then install it on your PC/ Laptop. open it and after that click on edit Hosts, then select the hostname that you had created earlier and then Click on Save.



Step 7: Now Open your router settings, to do so go to command prompt and then write “Ip config” and then copy the default gateway and paste it into your browser’s URL part and hit Enter. Now you will get to see router login page. After that login to the page.



Step 8: Now go to Forwarding > Virtual Server and then click on Add new and then In the service Port write “1998”, for IP Address part go to cmd write “ipconfig” and then hit enter and then copy the Ipv4 address and paste it in Ip Address section and then click on Save.





Step 9: Now to check whether you have done Step 8 right or not, go to droid jack and then click on “Device” tab and then in the Port part write 1998 and switch on the reception, now go to and then in port to check  part write 1998, if it shows Sucess then you are going in right path.


Step 10: whenever the victim installs and opens the app you will get a message that (Device name has joined the party), and you will get a Screen Like this, Voila you did it.


Note: Do Not switch off the reception and  Do not change the Port number.



Each and every tutorial in Sandwichbite is  for informational and educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any type of Loss.

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