Easiest Way To Hack Computer Hard Drive Using Command Prompt


This is a very interesting tutorial because in this tutorial we are going to show that How to hack Hard Drive of any PC using Command prompt. Don’t worry we will provide you Step by step procedure So that anyone can do this tutorial easily. Do ask us your queries in the comment section and we will try to solve it asap.

Advantage of this Hack??
You can Easily Copy, Paste Data from Victim’s Hard Drive anonymously

Can only hack PC on the Same Network

What To You Need??
1. Windows XP or Above
2. Victims’ IP (Internet Protocol) Address
First Step: On your Keyboard Press “Windows button+R” and then Simply type cmd or cmd.exe and hit enter. I hope that you have successfully launched Command prompt.


Second Step: Now write the following command in command prompt and always remember to hit enter after writing each command.

nbtstat -a (Victims IP Address)
net view (Victims IP Address)
net use x: \\(Victims IP Address)\users
net use \\ \\IPC$ /u












Third Step: Now Open My computer/ This Pc and you will get to see a new Drive created, this is Victim’s Hard drive.



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