Disable Auto Apps Update in Play Store

Short Bite:-  I am going to show you ‘How To Disable Auto Apps Update in Google Play Store.’

Android is now considered as the best mobile operating system because of it`s features, but one of the most frustrating things about android is whenever we connect to Wi-Fi network the google Auto Update service starts and these automatic updates slow down internet speed. So to overcome this problem today, I write this post ‘How To Disable Auto Apps Update in Google Play Store’. So let`s Disable Auto App Update.

How To Disable Auto Apps Update

  • First of all, if you don`t have the latest version of Google Play Store then update your old version from Here
  • Open Google Play Store and go to settings.
    Disable Auto app Update

    Latest Google Play Store


  • After going to settings, tap on Auto-Update Apps option and select Do not auto-update apps.Google Play Store Settings- Disable Auto App update
    Disable Auto Updates

    Auto Apps Update setting popup


  • All done now you have successfully disabled auto apps update in Google Play Store.

Final Words :- After writing this article I feel that I have helped many android users because this is one of the major problems many of the android users face and most of them don’t know how to Disable Auto Apps Update in Google Play Store.

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