What is Difference Between Java & JavaScript ?

Programming languages are getting popular day-by-day. New programming languages are coming into existence. While some programming languages are complex, and some are simple enough for an ordinary person to understand. Technology has reached great heights due to the application of programming for real-life problem solving.  While many newbies are trying to learn many different programming languages, one thing they get stuck in is whether to learn Java or Javascript.

Well, it is very hard for newbies to differentiate whether to learn Java or Javascript. However, you need not need to worry now. In this article,  I’m going to explain you thoroughly what is the difference between Java and Javascript and which one you should learn first.

The difference between Java & Javascript.

Difference between Java & Javascript

Java is a desktop, server, client-side programming language. Even though, its client side market is almost gone.  Java is run on Java virtual machine with bytecode as intermediate code.  This feature makes it platform independent. (That means you can run the same code on Mac, PC, Linux, …

Javascript is a scripting language. It is mainly used in browsers. That means it is interpreter-based.  There is no compilation needed.  It is mainly used for client-side programming even though there is already some server-side Javascript (node.js).  In javascript, everything is objects/functions. There is no concept of classes.

I hope you have now fully understood the difference between Java and  Javascript. Now let us determine which language should we start learning first according to our needs and requirements. Keep on reading further for more details.

Java Or Javascript?

Difference between java & Javascript

Javascript was mainly invented for client-side programming. It didn’t need a compiler to run. You can run it in any browser. JavaScript has its own space, sitting cosy along with HTML and CSS in Web development, while Java is everywhere. Though both has a good number of open source libraries to kick start development, jQuery has indeed brought JavaScript to the forefront.

If you want to program PC apps and software, then you should start learning Java. If you are into web development, then Javascript is your best chance to enhance your web development skills. Javascript is easier to learn than Java. However, if you are a newbie to programming, you should start learning Javascript first. Each of the programming languages has its own advantage and disadvantage. It is solely on your needs and requirements which language to learn.

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Well, I hope you have now fully understood the difference between Java and Javascript. In simple words, Java and Javascript are two different languages. Java is a server-side language while Javascript is client-side. If you are looking to code software, then you should opt Java. If you are into web development, then learning Javascript will enhance your web development projects.

If you still have any doubts or concerns regarding the issue, feel free to comment your doubts and concerns below. Our team will try to reach you as soon as possible!

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