Beware!! ɢ is not

Beware!! ɢ is not

You will never think twice about the safety of the domain while using the search engine as popular and trusted as Google. However, it’s time to think twice before accessing

The Internet world is full of spammers and now spammers have moved past the spam folder in your email account, they started targeting website owners now. According to The Next web, they noticed something weird a few weeks ago in Google Analytics.

Google analytics helps domain holders to track their traffic. The next web, noticed something unusual when they spotted a piece of spam telling them to vote for Donald Trump, that wasn’t weird for sure, but the domain was: ɢ (Don’t open it)

If you take a deep look you will find the difference in the URL and the real It was the capital “G” which appears smaller than usual. ɢ is a Unicode special character which looks like the G in Google’s logo and it’s enough to attract a user.

Fake "G" in ɢoogle

Fake “G” in ɢoogle

As described by Mashable “According to Analytics Edge, the goal of these spammers is to create fake traffic that will serve as click-bait for these web page owners. Given the possibility of malware, visiting a site like this can be extremely risky.”

As soon as you hit enter ɢ to visit you will be automatically redirected to the “”, referred to this monstrosity website:



So, users for now make sure you are not clicking the fake ɢ and don’t try to visit this URL (ɢ

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