Apple Offers To Replace iPhone 6s Batteries For FREE

Apple Offers To Replace iPhone 6s Batteries For FREE

Your iPhone is off alone, even under heavy load? The tech giant Apple announced a battery replacement program for the iPhone 6s owners who are facing unexpected shutdowns. This is the second worldwide Apple repair program in less than a week after the company admitted problems with touch screens of the iPhone 6 Plus.

According to Apple, the problem affects “a very small number” of iPhone 6s and causes no security risk, as an explosion or spontaneous combustion.

Devices with defective batteries are within a specific range of serial numbers and were produced between the month September and October 2015.

Unlike other programs, replacing the battery will be free at Apple stores and at authorized warranty service. Anyone who has already paid for a repair can contact Apple for a refund.

In the recall announced on Thursday (17), the company admits that iPhone 6 Plus face problems in touchscreen, displaying a gray stripe flashing on the screen, but says the failure is caused by repeated falls, and it charges around $240 by repair.

To check if you are eligible for free replacement of the battery iPhone 6s, you need to schedule a visit to an Apple store or authorized service center.

The replacement program will be available for three years, counted from the first sale of the defective unit. So, if you need some details regarding this issue the simply you find all details on the Apple’s official website.

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