Adobe Flash Security Risk Facebook Says

We are using flash since the early days of PC’s and Computers. Still it’s one of the most prominent animation software till now. As we know that earlier 2015, YouTube stopped using the Flash as their default video player and replaced it with its new HTML5 technology. Things aren’t going in way adobe wants as now the Facebook Security Chief Alex Stamos tweeted, “It is time for Adobe to announce the end-of-life date for Flash and to ask the browsers to set killbits on the same day“. In simple words, he is referring Adobe Flash Security risk.

This time Facebook Admits Adobe Flash Security Risk

The end game Tweet for flash came just after when the cyber thieves released 400GB of internal documents stolen from HackingTeam, a company that helps governments and other organizations steal information. The main thing is that those document which got hacked contained exploit weakness of Adobe Flash Plug-in. So, if you are using Adobe Flash on your browser, you might wanna think again. You can be the next target.

Removal of Flash from the entire Web is next thing to impossible as still 23% of the web pages uses Flash or maybe more. So, we might say that it is the end of the era of Flash.

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